We think we're pretty great, but don't just take our word for it. Below are testimonials from some of our clients who know and love us!


Andy LeSavage - Head of Growth at uMake

Flavia is the most proactive assistant I have ever worked with. Her planning prowess is unmatched and she and her team facilitate organizational work that fills in the necessary gaps to make any company and leader succeed.  She is someone that helps every aspect of not only your career, but your personal life. Her professionalism is constant and yet her warmth and personality come out in every interaction. I highly recommend her and her services to anyone looking to function with more accuracy and efficiency.


Anthony J. Interlandi - Owner of Interlandi Law Offices

Flavia is fantastic to work with. She is organized, articulate, creative, bright, and responsible. She is professional with clients on the phone and in email. She took on many administrative tasks, which allowed me to work on higher-level issues in my law practice. Flavia also helped me create better systems for client intake. I highly recommend her services.


Courtenay Shipley - President and Chief Planologist at Retirement Planology, Inc.

I couldn't function without my VA. Flavia is an incredibly valuable member of our team, making life manageable! When you're swamped with All the Things, having someone like Flavia that you can throw sketchy details at and have her consistently over-deliver results or potential solutions is priceless. Without her, I'd be lost!


Daniel Lindmark - Electrical, Manufacturing & Systems Engineer

Flavia is the sort of person you want in your corner when you need a quality independent thinker. A great addition to a team when you're short on time and headspace for delegating and you need someone watching you to make sure sure not dropping any balls. I was constantly surprised by the self-starting and follow through. Highly recommended.


Mandi White-Ajmani, PhD - Clinical Psychologist & Business Owner

Flavia made a huge difference in my ability to effectively manage my private practice and my family.  She jumped easily from making travel arrangements to suggesting kids' birthday party ideas to scheduling clients to writing and proofreading reports.  Her work ethic was incredible, and her output was always professional, organized, thorough, and exactly what I needed.  More importantly, Flavia came to know the business and anticipate needs and was never simply a worker bee rotely completing steps-- she took the logical next step, caught errors, and suggested improvements.  I loved working with her!



Reuben Balik, Senior Full Stack Engineer at Hologram

I don't think our company could function without Flavia. She's been absolutely essential for everything from scheduling to expense reports to taxes to dealing with shipping regulations and more.  She's also a great person to work with and has really become an integral member of the team.


Ben Strahan, Head of Developer Relations at Hologram

Flavia and her team has been instrumental in helping our startup move quickly, stay updated with other team member activities, and keep organized. She is prompt, polite, attentive, accurate, self-managed and follows through. By far the most enjoyable VA relationship I've had to date.


Scott Berman - CEO of Coliseum Wealth Management

Flavia is as much a part of the Coliseum family as any on site employee.  Her ability to balance a multitude of demanding clients is far superior to others we have hired.  She has the education, experience and background to address both business and personal tasks as well as the independence to research and master new abilities that our company requires.  With her assistance even the most stressful of situations are manageable.  She has our full trust and support and her bright personality and calm composure make her a valued member of our team.


Jordenne Nash - Operations Manager of Coliseum Wealth Management

Flavia outclasses both onsite assistants and other virtual assistance our company has worked with.  She is incredibly adaptable and introduced us to a wealth of communication tools that have improved not only our communication with her but as a company overall.  I would unequivocally and unreservedly recommend her services.  She has impeccable attention to detail, unprecedented follow-up and outstanding professionalism.  She is highly organized and can managed a huge range of projects over many areas of business.