What is a Virtual Assistant and what can they do for me?

What is a virtual assistant? Are they able to provide the same level of support as an in-house admin?

Since the dawn of office work, administrative support has always been present to help businesses keep on top of the "little things" that business owners and executives shouldn't need to worry about. On the Internet, and the increasing number of services that can be provided over the phone, via email, and by using an app, having your assistant in-person isn't necessarily a requirement.

Consider a stereotypical "give it to your assistant" task: getting the dry cleaning done. Your in-house assistant would drop your clothes off at the cleaners, and then pick them up and deliver to your preferred location. A virtual assistant would, instead, coordinate pick-up and drop-off with the best dry cleaner in the city that has free pick-up and delivery, and spend a fraction of the time on the task - which, in the end, gives you more "bang for your buck".


Can I share my virtual assistant with a colleague or spouse? Do you work with small teams?

Yes of course! We allow clients to add additional users to their plan, and pull from the same "bucket" of hours. There is no extra charge for an additional user to be added to your plan - simply let us know during the on-boarding process that you'd like to have someone share your plan.

We also have the capability of working with small teams. Often new startups and small teams find themselves in need of additional administrative support, but without the overhead to pay for a full-time team member to work out of their offices. We are happy to asses the need states of your small team, and find where our team can fill the gaps.


What if I need a service that you don't have listed on your Our Services page?

The tasks listed on the Our Services page is not exhaustive. If you have a type of service that you need assistance with, feel free to inquire with us directly by completing our Contact Form, and we'll be in touch to discuss.

Software and Security

How do you keep my private and financial information safe?

We utilize encrypted storage to keep critical and confidential client information safe. Whether it's financial information or website login credentials, your information is kept secure when you share it with your assistant. We take information security very seriously, and do everything in our power to protect our client's proprietary and personal information.


What software and tools does Oenaj use to perform tasks?

We support a variety of different software, apps, and other tools that businesses use to operate daily. Oenaj is both Mac and PC friendly, and we also are able to support both Google and Microsoft users. Our team is also trained in a number of task and project management software including Wunderlist and Asana.

Are you curious if our team has experience with your specific suite of apps? Contact us today and we'll be happy to discuss your individual tech setup, and how our team can integrate to suit your business' needs.


How does payment work?

How do your clients remit payment for services?

We generally invoice our clients through PayPal, though we are happy to adapt if another method suits your needs better. Have bitcoin? We can accept that too!


How much will hiring a virtual assistant from Oenaj cost me?

We offer a variety of plans suitable for every budget. Whether you need 8 hours of assistance monthly, or 80 hours, we can accommodate plans large and small.

Get in touch with our team today, and let us build you a customized proposal based on your specific needs.

General Business Information

What are Oenaj's hours of operation?

Oenaj Virtual Assistants typically work from 9am to 6pm EST. While we do work outside these hours to accommodate client requests, our "off-duty lights" come on around 6pm each day. 


Do you work with international clients?

Yes! As long as our clients are comfortable paying for our services in United States Dollars (USD), and corresponding with our team in English, we are happy to work with clients located all over the world. Many of our international clients enjoy the fact that they can send us a series of tasks before they go to bed, and wake up to a completed to-do list.