Welcome to the Blog!

Hello! Welcome to our blog!

I'm sure the odd name has your curious about what sort of company we are, and I can't say I blame you! Oenaj is a virtual assistant company that offers a myriad of services to our clients. We are home to a team of virtual assistants working together to support our network of clients. Oenaj originated in San Antonio by founder Flavia Logsdon.  In August of 2015, she was met with an email detailing how the Virtual Assistant company she was working for had gone under over the weekend. Thinking fast, she combined her love for this line of work and her training with her ambition and quickly started the work to create her own company, later going by the name Oenaj.

Going into the business world on her own, she created systems and processes to make her work easier, and more efficient - fully dedicating herself to working smarter instead of harder. Soon after starting, she was able to bring consultants and trainees under the Oenaj name. Now, Oenaj is home to four employees not including the founder with clients all over the world dealing with tasks from booking flights to social media management and everything in-between.

Each member of our team is familiar with every client's account, ready to jump on board to help at a moment's notice. Our team-based support model allows us to provide seamless, consistent service to every client, on every task, every time. Ensuring coverage with extensive client knowledge is a benefit not often offered by independent companies, and is what sets Oenaj apart from the rest.

On our blog, we want to explore all the facets of being a virtual assistant and the many tips and tricks we have learned along the way to help improve productivity and efficiency. Stay tuned for more!