What is a Virtual Assistant?

Welcome back to the blog!

We want to tackle a question we get really often - what is a virtual assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is often defined as a self-employed administrative or personal assistant who works remotely (usually at home) for various clients.

Honestly, that’s a rather spot-on description - thanks, Google. But it doesn’t offer much in way of why you would hire one, and what they are capable of. Now, since the dawn of office work, administrative support has always been present to help businesses keep on top of the "little things" that business owners and executives shouldn't need to worry about. With the Internet and the increasing number of services that can be provided over the phone, via email, and by using an app, having your assistant in-person isn't necessarily a requirement anymore. But, aren’t assistants just supposed to be office?

For example, consider a stereotypical "give it to your assistant" task: getting the dry cleaning done.

Your in-house assistant would drop your clothes off at the cleaners, and then pick them up and deliver to your preferred location. A virtual assistant would, instead, coordinate pick-up and drop-off with the best dry cleaner in the city that has free pick-up and delivery, and spend a fraction of the time on the task - which, in the end, gives you more "bang for your buck". Pretty awesome, right? But it doesn’t stop there. Need a board meeting scheduled? Piece of cake. Anniversary reminder and present purchased? Done, and done. Need a summer camp for the kids? Easy. Need research conducted? Been there. Done that. We can recommend a task management system - or three. We can have your email color-coded and sorted by priority. Every task that an in-house assistant can accomplish, a virtual assistant can too.

With Oenaj, we understand every client will have different needs. We offer a one-time purchase of hours or consulting to help you figure out where you need help, then create a plan to match your needs. We want to focus on what is holding you back and help lighten the load while teaching you skills that will allow you to be more productive. This may not always require a recurring monthly plan, and that is fine with us. We have a myriad of plans, that will undoubtedly suit your needs.

After utilizing our processes, and delegating work to us, working weekends and late nights in the office will be a thing of the past. We will have your colleagues wondering how you’re being so productive while still making it home in time for dinner. We just do it from a home office.

If you have more questions about our services, you can check out our FAQ page or contact us directly!


Written by Sheena Martin