Comprehensive Professional Virtual Assistant Services


Oenaj is home to a family of virtual assistants working as a team to support our network of clients: executives, serial entrepreneurs, and businesses around the globe.  Each virtual assistant is familiar with every client's account, ready to jump on board and help at a moment's notice.

Our team-based support model allows us to provide seamless, consistent service to every client, on every task, every time.


Wouldn't you love an extra 2 (or 20) hours of productivity every week, without the extra headache?

Of course you would.

Sometimes, entrepreneurs need a second set of hands. A small team needs extra admin support. An executive needs to delegate some of their workload.

The problem is, there's not always room in the budget for a full-time, in-house assistant. 

What if you could get the help you need, without the added overhead of a new employee?


"I really need someone in person."

Board meeting scheduled? Piece of cake.

Need something picked up? No problem.

Anniversary reminder, and present purchased? Done, and done.

Every task that an in-house assistant can accomplish, a virtual assistant can too.

Oenaj's Virtual Assistants can do it all.

"I've never had a virtual assistant before. I wouldn't even know where to begin."

We'll recommend one of many task management systems.

Your calendar will have never been so organized.

Your colleagues will wonder how you're getting it all done.

Our team will walk you through setting up necessary processes, systems, and software to make sure your tasks get done right the first time, every time.